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My name is Charlotte

I took a leap of faith a while back to transform my life, click the link below to find out how I've transformed my life to one of deep fulfilment, let me share my story.

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Work 1 -1 With Me

Are you ready to take the next step?

If you are ready to change your life, and step into your potential lets talk and discuss how I can help you. 

An opportunity for you to discover more about my bespoke package 'The Collective Method' and learn how it will transform you and your life.

Book A Reiki session

Reiki sessions available in Buckhurst Hill, Essex, or Distantly from the comfort of your own home.

Master Your Meditation

Learn to Meditate or Deepen an existing practice.
All your meditation needs are met in this simple & easy to follow online course.

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'I am not what happened to me. I am what I am choosing to become'​



"We have the power to consciously create our own lives"

Charlotte has been walking on a path of self awakening and discovery for many years now.
I am a certified Life Coach, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master.
Learning these skills has been a natural path to follow in my own personal journey. Leading me to a path of inner freedom, embracing a life free from limiting beliefs and constraints I find myself sharing some of the wisdom I have learnt along the way.
With a holistic approach to life, understanding there are many different aspects to our being I am able to encourage and support others to live from a place of joy and happiness, our individual birth right.


5 Minute Meditation just for you


Feel brand new in 5 short minutes with this free Meditation. Find a quiet spot, get comfy & melt into the moment.


I've just finished this wonderful little course, an introduction to meditation. I'm not new to meditation but it was good to get back to basics- my life is so busy and I've noticed my 'Me Time' was getting more and more infrequent. This course gave me back the time I need to actually sit down and have a glorious few moments for myself! And remember why mindfulness is so important in this fast paced day and age. AND, I can go back to it again any time I want, when things become too much again. I highly recommend this for beginners and veterans alike 👍 where do I start? Came across this page on Instagram and thought let me give it a try. Charlotte was so hopefully and so I went ahead with a Reiki session, Charlotte always calls before hand just to make you feel comfortable. The session was absolutely amazing. I have since continued to have sessions as often as I can since it really helps me stay balanced. Funny I had a session yesterday with a card pull and it brought me to tears of joy since the predictions of the card that was pulled has actually happened unbelievable. Charlotte is an amazing practitioner and is very knowledgeable in this discipline I highly recommend this service.

Donna O'Sullivan


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