Thai food has always been a favourite of mine, & this very simple dish is highly up there. Drunken noodles so called, I believe as it was eaten traditionally after a night out of heavy drinking. This vegan version is so easy, & super quick midweek meal. Thai basil (holy basil) gives this dish a sweet aniseed twist. If you can’t find this type of basil you can use Italian basil.

Sweet & savoury, full of delicious Thai flavours. Flat rice noodles add my comfort element to this. Serve with lime wedges. 🌱 To serve 4 … 200g Flat Rice noodles 250g Tofu, sliced, & dried 1 tbsp cornflour 1 tsp soy sauce 🌱 2 tbsp coconut oil (1 for each pan) 3 garlic cloves, minced 1 tsp ginger minced 6 spring onions, sliced, julienne 1 red pepper, sliced, julienne 100g Baby corn, halved, lengthways 1 cup Thai basil, washed & chopped. 🌱 1/4 + 1 tbsp cup Soy sauce 3 tbsp Hoisin sauce 1 heaped tsp Coconut sugar 1 tsp Siracha sauce (chilli sauce) 1 tbsp water 🌱 Prepare your tofu. Cut up into 1 inch chunks. Lay tofu on paper towel, place more paper towel on top and press out liquid. Once done, place in a bowl with a tsp of soy sauce, coat the tofu. Then add cornflour, again coating tofu. Cook your rice noodles, per instructions, drain & set aside. Chop your onions, pepper, baby sweetcorn & basil. Prepare the sauce by mixing soy sauce, hoisin, Coconut sugar & siracha. In a saucepan melt 1 tbsp coconut oil, when hot add the tofu & begin to gently fry, turning occasionally. Cook for around 10 minutes. Shortly before ready, begin the wok cooking. In a wok heat 1 tbsp oil, add the ginger & garlic. Fry on high for around 1/2 minute. Add the vegetables. Stir continously for several minutes. Add the basil, stir, add the sauce. Then add the tofu, followed by noodles. Continue stirring for a few more minutes before stirring.