Tonight sees the Sturgeon Full moon shine brightly from our skies. It’s so called because of the huge amount of freshwater fish that could be found in the lakes and rivers in north America around this time. The moon finds itself in Aquarius at this time.

I love full moons, their beauty from the skies is just magical to look at. It’s a sight that never tires and always takes my breath away. and I feel a deep connection to the moon as she shines brightly down upon us.

For centuries there has been much talked about connections between ourselves and the moon. The gravitational pull it has on oceans, we are made up largely of water, so is it having a similar effect on us? Women’s menstrual cycles are commonly known to fall into the rhythm of a lunar cycle, and there is the widely known lunar effect, the lunatic. We’ve all heard people say ‘it must be a full moon’ blaming strange behaviour upon it. Greek philosopher Aristotle believed as the brain was the ‘moistest’ organ, therefore it would be susceptible to the influence of the moon.

I truly believe we are susceptible to the moon’s influence, and this is why I think its important to use its energy to honour its wonder. As we go through phases so does the moon, so tap into the universal energies, and the natural flow and use it to your advantage. The full moon can be a tricky time too, the days leading up to the her peaking full can be emotional. I tend to have a very disruptive sleep pattern, and dream quite lucidly, by being aware of these energies, you can make what can sometimes be a bumpy ride a little smoother.

Full moon rituals are a beautiful thing, and something I do under the full and new moons. A full moon is a good time to release negativity, and what is no longer serving you. Its a time to pause, reflect and let go. The full moon represents completion, the energy is becoming high and then releasing. You can feel this as the days approach to the full moon, and then its as if you can let go a big sigh of relief in the coming days after. Things I like to do around the time of the full moon are.

~ Cleanse myself and the space I live and work in. Smudge your yourself, cleansing your aura, your home and office with sage. Go through all your rooms with the intention of releasing all that no longer serves, and removing stagnant energies. Waft it over your body, with the intention of cleansing your aura.

~ Charge your crystals under the full moon. This is one of my favorite things to do. Ignite their power and place them in the moonlight. Put them somewhere safe outside, or near a window ledge if outside is not possible, and let the moonlight flood over them. The power in the crystals really intensifies form this practice. I love my crystals dearly and feel this is a beautiful treat for them.

~ Take a quiet half hour at some point in the evening of a full moon. Light a candle. Get your journal out and write down what you desire to release. Remember the full moon represents endings, so really focus on what you want to end, what is it you are looking to leave? is there an emotional pattern that keeps replaying? is there a negative thought on repeat? Meditate on this. Put some soothing music on, let it wash over you as you breathe deeply, washing away what it is you no longer need. At the end take your paper, burn it, flush it down the toilet if its not safe to burn, and release these thoughts to the energies of the moon. This is a really powerful way to be supported by the full moon.

~ Pamper your body with some dry brushing, shedding the dead skin, letting go of old layers. Take a beautiful cleansing bath or shower in a bathroom full of candles, wash away the old.

~ Under new moons we set intentions of things we wish to manifest, what is new we want to bring in. Go over what intentions you set under the last new moon, are they working? is there anything there you need to let go of so you are ready to bring in the new as we await the forthcoming new moon.

~ Place some filtered water in a sealed glass container. leave the water out overnight to charge under the full moon. Drink the water the following day, or sip it for several days, and drink in the energy of the moon.

These are some beautiful practices that I encourage you to try. When we work with the natural flow of life things become so much easier. There really is magical benefits with being in unison with mother nature. Enjoy the full moon, love her and embrace her beauty.