Show Some Love

I’m passionate about food, it brings me joy, comfort, energy. Preparing food is both a therapeutic and rewarding practice for myself. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than a day spent sourcing a new recipe, coming up with a new idea of what I can cook and create, I can spend hours over this. My boyfriend often says to me “ you know you don’t have to come up with something new every day for dinner, don’t put it on yourself if it’s too much” and its beautiful that he thinks that, but I do it because of the pleasure and fulfilment it gives me.

But what I’ve learnt also is the power in gratitude for that food. I realized the importance of this years ago. A friend of mine who had cured her body of illness with food playing a crucial role, would always bless her food before eating. She was always going to be deeply grateful for what food had done for her, and was continuing to do for her. Food is a vital part of our internal Eco system, it’s our fuel, it’s what we need to live, it repairs the body, it fights off disease. It can bring people together, comfort us in times of need, and spark energy within us. So to show gratitude for this necessity, a necessity that not everyone very sadly has readily available, suddenly made so much sense to me.

Pause For A Moment

The moment I stopped to witness the food in front of me the whole plate changed. The experience of a meal, which for me is pretty awesome anyway became even more so. I started to really taste the food more, eating with appreciation is a charming and wonderful experience. We so quite often mindlessly start tucking into our food without thinking, but let me tell you, there is so much benefit from stopping to acknowledge our food. It brings us into the present moment, it raises our conscious awareness. It puts us in a state of gratitude. We enter a blissful state, & raise our vibration. It aids our digestion as we eat with more thought. We feel grounded in the moment, and the benefits go on.

It doesn’t need to be a big deal, or a lengthy task, you can do it privately or around the table, whichever works for you at the time. As a Reiki healer I often send Reiki over my food, bringing pure life force energy into the food. Sometimes I give thanks to the earth for growing the food, the sun and the rain for nourishing the food, the farmers for harvesting the food, the money for buying the food, and so on. Other times I simply take a deep breath before eating and say a gentle thank you in my mind. It can be as elaborate or as simple as you feel, but just the act will benefit you in endless ways.