Did you know food has a vibration? We know everything is energy, so we understand foods have an energy too. Foods become high or low in vibration. Everytime we ingest food we take on the energy of that food. So for instance when you consume an animal you can take on the energy of that animal, the fear it felt as it was being slaughtered, all that emotion will remain within the carcass, and transferred to you as you consume it. Or if you eat a piece of fruit you take on the natural energy that has arisen from the earth, the pure energy of the sun that has formed in the fruit as its been growing.

Natural foods that have been picked fresh from the land are naturally high in nutrients from the sun, by eating these foods in their natural state you are consuming the sun’s energy. The more you consume of these foods the more you are increasing your vibration, and the more your consciousness is expanding.

Eating these foods really brings you to a pure state. Your mind feels clear, fog and tiredness disappear, and your energy becomes high. Meditation practices deepen, and you become really in tune with your body. You feel a pure alertness, everything is seen with crystal clarity. You are running on a natural high. There is a lightness within you, as you are not being pulled down by the constraints of toxic foods.

So what foods should you be eating to achieve this nirvanic state, and what to avoid.

Foods to eat:

Organic fruits

Organic Vegetables

Living sprouts

Natural unrefined oils (olive, rapeseed, coconut, avocado etc)

Raw chocolate, nuts and seeds

Pure water

Herbal tea’s

Supplements such as moringa, spirulina, wheat grass etc

Grains such as buckwheat, brown rice, spelt, whole oats

Foods to avoid:

Meat, poultry and fish

Anything processed

Unhealthy oils (canola, vegetable, cottonseed etc)

White sugar and salt

White rice and flour



All dairy products


Of course there are many factors that contribute to our overall wellness, the decisions and choices we make daily. It really is the mind body and spirit, but I firmly believe consuming high vibration foods plays a huge role in our well being. The knock on effect of these wonderful foods really assists in vibing high.