Every day without fail come rain or shine, snow or freezing temperatures I open up the windows at home. Even in the depths of winter this is something I practice daily.

The thought of this may sound horrifying especially on a cold day such as today in the UK, but the benefits I receive from this practice out weigh a chill in the air for 5 or 10 minutes.

I’ve done this ever since I can remember, its always something I felt good about doing, & rather unconsciously did it. In more recent years as my relationship with energy deepens I see on a much deeper level the importance of this practice.

Each morning when I wake I open the windows in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen & living room. Simultaneously I feel the air begin to move. I feel the energy begin to change, there is a sense of newness arriving. In that instant I feel like I’ve moved into a new room. Stagnation is released & a new vibe has entered.

In Feng Shui it is believed this allows the chi and energy to flow smoothly through the house, bringing in more positive energy, and let’s face it we all need that right now.

Try it daily, see the difference this makes on your mood & mind daily. Welcome in more positive vibes.

In only 5 minutes a day you will see massive differences in the vibe in your home.