When I first discovered in my reiki training that we would be taught how to send reiki distantly I honestly was a little skeptical. This meant potentially I could send the reiki energy to somebody in another town, city or the other side of the world. It just didn’t seem possible, but then I started to think. Quantum physics and new science tells us everything is energy, we are all made up of energy, we are all connected. I certainly believe we are more than this physical body. The more I considered it the more it made sense.

So how does distant reiki work. Distant reiki works on the ancient principal of the Hermetic law of Similarity. The law states that because we are all energy matter, we are part of a larger whole, therefore all connected.

In our reiki training we are taught three symbols. Symbols as we know have been used throughout time, and a way of communication on multiple levels. As with all symbols they are a representation of something. One of the symbols taught is a ‘connection’ or ‘distance’ symbol. The symbols are tools that we feel, so through space and time we can connect to reiki and send reiki to the recipient. In traditional teachings of reiki it is believed that when the symbols are chanted and meditated upon it brings us into a state of oneness. By invoking the symbol we connect to the reiki energy and the recipient.

The connection/distance symbol represents oneness, our true self, connection to all, so when practiced upon regularly we move into a state of deep state of connection and the oneness represented within the symbol. With a connection to everything we are able to share the reiki energy regardless of a person being directly in front of us or in another country, there is no separation. So really to name it distant seems not entirely correct as distance implies we are not one, there is space between us, when actually this is not this case. In simple terms receiving a distant reiki treatment can be compared to having a telephone conversation, you can chat directly to a person, you can talk to the as if they are next to you, but you don’t have to be face to face with them. Currents and sound waves allow direct contact, frequencies that we cannot see, but we know they are there, similarities to the reiki energy.

Distant healing can be a very powerful experience I have found. I visualise the person receiving the reiki, and invoke the reiki symbols. Through the power of intention I am able to connect myself to the recipient. I go into a real ‘zone’ of feeling at one with all, and the person who is receiving the reiki, it is really quite a special experience. I’m often in wonder that this can happen, and the experiences I have with distant reiki never cease to amaze me, but it is truly magical, and one I encourage anyone to try.