Are you limiting yourself in your thinking?

I hear all the time people often like to throw around the term that they are ‘stuck’. Whatever is going on in their lives is leading them to a place of ‘stuckness’. It could be that you are in a job, or you are in a relationship that is no longer serving you. Or a crossroads in your life could have arisen, leading you to a place where you just cannot think what you should do, where you should go, or what your next move will be. Quite often the more you try to think, the harder it becomes to move on, worsening the situation.

Many circumstances can arise that will lead us to a feeling of being stuck. However there is a danger to thinking this way. As so often is the case, there is a better way to look at these moments. We can change the way we look at these times, and allow it to become a positive.

To say you are stuck is really telling yourself quite a negative tale. You are saying to yourself you don’t know which way to turn, that your in a hopeless place. This kind of thought pattern can be quite depleting. To tell yourself that your are in this funk, that you have moved into a closed state of being, can lead you to spiral even further. By verbally repeating this tale to yourself that you are stuck you can quite often put up barriers. In doing so you are allowing the so called stuck to worsen. You are telling yourself that you’ve hit a road block in life, that you don’t know which way to turn, the barriers have come up and you are crumbling within them.

Change the Narrative

So how about we where to look at these episodes differently? How about if we were to see them as possibilities? What if, we could look at these moments in time as a place to pause. A place to give thought as to where you maybe heading. To witness what has brought us to this place and what will be our next move. Really these moments are golden opportunities. The universe is literally saying to you ‘hang on, I’ve got a better plan for you, and you and I will not be moving any further forward until we are on the same page’

These are moments in time we get to stand still. We are able to absorb what has happened, and revel in where we may be going. Take joy in this stillness, recharge, regenerate, get ready for what is about to come. Its a moment in time were we can re calibrate before our journey continues. Really celebrate theses moments for what they are.

Begin to look at these situations with a different approach, when you look at this moment with love and appreciation, you are opening up for good to enter, you are telling the universe ‘I am ready’ You open the space within for what you need. Don’t be afraid of these times, change the dialogue within. See this period of time as divine intervention

5 Simple Steps to Freedom

Next time you find yourself in one of these moments follow these simple steps.

1. Call out the negative talk, recognize you are falling into the stuck trap.

2. Pause, let go of the need to move forward, let go of the frantic friend that creeps in.

3. Take a breath, this is your time, recognize what has brought you to this place. The universe is guiding you away from one situation, allow the next situation to unfold.

4. Relax, use the time wisely. Read, journal, meditate, get in alignment. Enjoy the time you have been given.

5. Wait for whatever is coming to unfold, knowing that it will. Enjoy the process.