Why You Need To Switch Off

I dread to think how many times a day I pick up my mobile phone to check social media, google something, constantly looking, constantly checking. It’s compulsive, and just a sheer habit.

It’s so addictive, looking, looking, looking, mindlessly scrolling through feeds, searching for something irrelevant. Is there any need to be constantly doing this?

The answer is a simple no! 

So What Exactly Is Dopamine

Dopamine is something your body makes, the body makes it and your nervous system sends messages throughout the body using it. Its known as a chemical messenger.

Dopamine is the pleasure drug within us, creating pleasurable feelings within. Recreational drugs cause huge increases of dopamine, hence making them so addictive. 

Social interactions cause dopamine release, and with our habitual habits of constantly checking social media you can see how addictive it can become.

Too Much Dopamine

Like everything in life, too much of something is never a good thing. Too much dopamine can lead to habit forming behaviors, impulse control. It can even affect your health, triggering a rapid heart beat, nausea, anxiety and so on. 

So you can see how important it is that we don’t over do it. Like everything in life it needs to be in moderation.

Turn Off, Tune In and Drop Out

This weekend I decided to do a ‘dopamine detox’ . It’s become a thing of late, and something I highly recommend.

I switched my phone and laptop off on Friday evening and did not switch it back on again until Monday morning. 

I spent the weekend reading, meditating and really taking the time to be present. You see when we switch off we become so much more present. Our minds are not consumed with so much stuff, we really tap into the now.

It’s so powerful, and quite honestly, freeing. All we have is the now, the present moment. Yet so many of us are not living in the now.

You tune into who you are, and you become much more aware of the programming and conditioning our minds are being poisoned with daily. You remember who you are, your true nature, the freedom that is internally within us. You strip back and tune into the oneness, the connection to what is.

To say it is liberating is an understatement. I had so many insights, so many aha moments. I felt lighter and happier than I have in a long time. To come back to our true nature is a beautiful experience.

Be Patient

The clarity I felt by the end of my detox  didn’t happen immediately. It took a while for me to get into the flow. To be free from constraints, free from the programming takes a bit of time. 

It was by Sunday afternoon, the good vibes really kicked in, and to be honest I would love to have continued being off grid for a bit longer if I could have. Next time!

There will be many more next times for sure. I will be doing this again and again. I’m hoping the habit of dropping off the radar, returning to me, will become easier and easier, and I’ll fall into the flow quicker each time.

Give yourself the luxury of this detox, it will serve you, I promise.  Give yourself the gift of turning off, tuning in and dropping out.