Gratitude for Food

I’m passionate about food, it brings me joy, comfort, energy. Preparing food is both a therapeutic and rewarding practice for myself. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than a day spent sourcing a new recipe, coming up with a new idea of what I can cook and create, I can spend hours over this. My boyfriend […]

What is distant Reiki?

When I first discovered in my reiki training that we would be taught how to send reiki distantly I honestly was a little skeptical. This meant potentially I could send the reiki energy to somebody in another town, city or the other side of the world. It just didn’t seem possible, but then I started […]

How high are you Vibing?

Did you know food has a vibration? We know everything is energy, so we understand foods have an energy too. Foods become high or low in vibration. Everytime we ingest food we take on the energy of that food. So for instance when you consume an animal you can take on the energy of that […]

Full Moon Rituals

Tonight sees the Sturgeon Full moon shine brightly from our skies. It’s so called because of the huge amount of freshwater fish that could be found in the lakes and rivers in north America around this time. The moon finds itself in Aquarius at this time. I love full moons, their beauty from the skies […]

Open Up To The Energies

Every day without fail come rain or shine, snow or freezing temperatures I open up the windows at home. Even in the depths of winter this is something I practice daily. The thought of this may sound horrifying especially on a cold day such as today in the UK, but the benefits I receive from […]

The Power of Affirmations

When you repeat something over and over in your head, you begin to believe it. It doesn’t really matter what it is that you are saying, say it enough and you will begin to believe it. From personal experience, and believe me there’s a lot of it, I understand how detrimental negative self talk can […]