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10 Foods To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Summer is here, and its hot outside, which means staying hydrated is even more important than usual. Ensuring we keep up our daily water intake and more is so important for our health and well being. Keeping the body fully hydrated is a must for our bodies.

I'm a water lover, and drinking water daily is not only a must but something I love. But I know not everyone agrees with me, and drinking plain water can be hard to keep up. So, I am going to share some cheat ways to keep fully hydrated this summer. Not only will you prevent dehydration from my cheat list, you will benefit by adding extra vitamins into your body too. You will be including fibre rich foods, essential for optimal health, and filling up on healthy nutritious calories. A healthy diet can lead to weight loss, and a stronger immune system, optimising our overall health.

First and foremost when we are hydrated properly our skin looks radiant. You can test your hydration levels of your body by pinching the skin on your knuckles for a few seconds. If the skin bounces back you are hydrated, but if its slow to return to normal you may need more water in your body. As a consumer of water regularly my skin can be slower to bounce back on the hot summer days, I think we can really underestimate how easily we can dehydrate, and with the body being made up of around 60% water its important we aim to keep it that way.

I know drinking endless cups of water can be hard, and this is the perfect answer to a dehydrated problem.

Top Hydrating Foods

  1. Cucumbers. Containing a whopping 95% water content, cucumbers are a must over the summer. Check out my blog to find out all the benefits of cumbers, and how they can even keep us cool over the hot summer months.

  2. Iceberg Lettuce. With a water content of 95% this is a great addition to your diet. Not as nutritious as other leafy greens, but does contain vitamins A and K as well as potassium.

  3. Celery. Full of fibre and contains 95% water along with vitamins A and K, plus folate.

  4. Tomatoes. Filled with 94% water and bursting with fibre and vitamins A and K, tomatoes also contain lycopene, which can prevent cell damage.

  5. Watermelon. With a water content of 92% this is the mother of hydrating foods. Plus watermelon is low in calories due to the high water, and contains vitamins A and C alongside magnesium.

  6. Strawberries. These pretty berries contain 91% water and are full of disease fighting antioxidants, and Vitamin C.

  7. Cantaloupe. Part of the melon family cantaloupes filled with fibre and vitamin C also contain beta carotene and minerals.

  8. Peaches. At 89% and filled with vitamins A, C and B, and chlorogenic acid a disease fighting antioxidant.

  9. Oranges. Full of vitamin C and with 87% water. Oranges also contain magnesium, selenium and copper.

  10. Pineapple. At 86% and full of goodness. Known for their anti - inflammatory properties from an enzyme called bromelain.

Final Hydrating Highlights

The bottom line is most fruits and veggies keep us hydrated. They are are nutritious easy way to stay I top health. I would also recommend drinks such as coconut water, full of electrolytes. Try easing up on the tea and coffee, and if your like me and you enjoy a coffee first thing, always drink a glass of water first.

Stay hydrated and mostly enjoy these hot summer days!

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