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22/2/22 Portal Activation

February has been a big month. We have seen some great numerology numbers appear. The vibration of these numbers gives us great potential to step up our manifesting powers and reach for our dreams.

The energies reach a full exciting point tomorrow as we welcome in 22/2/22 which also falls on Tuesday, the 2nd day of the week.

I am blown away by all this 2 energy.

This really is a day to journal, set intentions, and to really dream big. Think about your future, be unapologetic about all you desire, and set the ball in motion.

above to access the meditation directly. I have developed a perfect meditation to help you release what is no longer of service to you within, allowing you to unleash your manifesting powers. Just hit the button

In this meditation we call upon Arch Angel Michael (who is always ready and available), to help us clear away all negativity and anything holding us back.

Get 22/2/22 ready today, and embrace these wonderful powerful energies that are among us.

To learn more about the 22 energy check out my post, with some more great tips on utilising the powers of this day.

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