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2222 Portal. Make The Most Of This Time.

Intense Energies

It's certainly been a big start to February 2022. If you're anything like me, the intense energy has been a lot, and I've been hearing from all my friends how exhausted they have been, experiencing brain fog and so on. I myself spent the first couple of days of February unable to think straight, sleeping very deeply, waking still exhausted. So why have we all been feeling like this?

The month started with a new moon in Aquarius. Moon's effect each of us differently, and I find my energy levels vary from moon to moon. Sometimes I can find myself quite manic, others unable to do much. This was followed by the Lunar New year. This occurs on the second new moon after the winter solstice. Immediately after this we entered the 2/2/22 (2nd February 2022) portal. A number on our calendars we will never see again. Many believe this auspicious portal will remain open until 22/2/22 (22nd February 2022), where the date will read the same both backwards and forwards!

To top all of this off too we saw the mid-line between the beginning of winter and the start of spring, Imbolc. This marks nature being re-born once more as the cycle of life continues.

What Is Numerology

Numerology is a little bit like astrology. It is believed that the numbers of the day you were born on when added together reveal personality traits, and your life's path. There is also a belief that numbers will signify major events and so on.

You may have found periods of your life where you see the same numbers all the time. It is believed that this is no coincidence and the numbers will be significant in some way.

Certain numbers are considered master numbers, these are 11, 22, and 33, and when seen in a pattern contain even more vibration and power.

The significance of all the new starts and number patterns are a really potent time to tap into manifesting powers, we can really transform through this time.

There has been so much hype surrounding the last few days, and there no doubt will be again as we build up to 22/2/22, but it is important that we keep the momentum going during the period in between.

Emerge Like A Spring Flower

We are still in the winter season so naturally we are still in an inwards energy, like the spring flowers beginning to awaken quietly, behind the scenes, we follow their path, getting ready to emerge full of colour bright with energy. To grow a flower successfully they need sunlight, water, and good soil with nutrients. Some will still grow in poor conditions, but will thrive in great conditions. We are no different.

Over the coming days as we sit in this portal of potentiality, set reminders daily so you don't forget the significance of this powerful time. Make it a habit to tune into the energy several times a day, set a reminder on your phone. Just seeing the numbers 2222 - 22222 pop up on your phone will trigger a vibration within you.

Make It Count

Here are some tips on how you can use this energy to its full capacity.

This is a time to detox and purify the body and mind. Start with your food choices, eat more whole foods, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of filtered water, allowing the body to naturally detox. By incorporating lots of fiber and water into our bodies we eliminate natural waste, leaving us lighter both physically and mentally.

Look after your body. Begin to move the body daily, stretching, dancing, shaking, walking in nature, everyday move. Listen to your body? What does it need for that day?

Dry brush your skin. I am such a fan of this, and have done it for years. The skin is our largest organ, through dry brushing we eliminate the dead skin, we get the lymph moving, we boost circulation, its a brilliant way to detox. Do it several times a week, for a few minutes, stroke upwards and towards the heart. Do self massage, awaken the muscles, show yourself some love.

Connect inwardly daily. Journal what is coming up. Witness how you are growing, what is challenging you, acknowledge how you are feeling everyday. Sit in meditation daily. Each day do the following:

Sitting quietly, close your eyes, connect to your breath. Take a couple of deep breaths settling in.

Spend a few minutes following the journey of your breath, if the mind wanders just come back to the breath.

Next take all your attention to your 3rd eye area, breathe deeply into this space, spending a few minutes here. This will activate your natural intuition.

Finish by resting either both hands on your heart, or one on your heart and one on your belly. Breath into feelings of love and gratitude, then send these feelings out into the universe.

Finally cleanse yourself regularly and your home. Clean and sweep your home, open the windows and let the energy flow through. Cleanse yourself daily, shake off energies, using your fingers mimic scissors and cut chords on your body. In the shower set intentions that the water will remove anything negative from you.

This is a wonderful time of growth and possibility, so make good use of the time daily. Step up your game and use the time wisely.

As we do this for ourselves we also do it for the collective, we are all connected. Our positive vibration will spill out across the globe.

Watch for insights and signs. You will grow during this period if you allow and make space for it. This is precious time, and time not to be wasted.

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