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Be A Queen

A Queen by definition is a female ruler, they stand as a symbol of a strong revered woman. There is a Queen quality within us all, and it's time to become the ruler of your very own world.

I am passionate about supporting women and helping them shift into their own power and discover their true potential.

We are all born with potential, each and everyone of us has a unique gift, a piece within us that is waiting to illuminate and shine. Find your inner Queen and walk with regal pride.

Below are my top tips to become the Queen in your own life.

  1. Stop The Comparison

The comparison of ourselves to others is something we are all guilty of at some point. But you are who you are, your own unique self, don't be afraid of being yourself. You have qualities someone else doesn't and vice versa. We are all Queens, so stamp out the illusion that that another is better than you. Hold your head high, walk with pride. The simple act of adjusting your posture and standing up straight will instantly lift your confidence. Support yourself as you would your friends.

  1. Have Your Own Jubilee

Grab a journal and pen and start to celebrate you. Write down all the things you have achieved in the last day. Then take it to the next level, the last week, month, year and so on. Do not hold back, write it all down. When we see our achievements in front of us, it gives us the opportunity to really acknowledge and witness all we have done. Looking at it in this way allows us to savour our greatest moments, and we cannot help but be impressed.

  1. Be Your Own VIP

Start treating yourself with importance. Become an ambassador for yourself. Treat yourself with the utmost respect. Put yourself first, how can you help others if you are pouring from an empty cup. Make VIP moments throughout your day, drink your morning coffee from your favourite mug, pamper your body with a luxurious lotion, buy yourself flowers. Give yourself the VIP treatment as much as you can.

  1. Speak The Queen's Language

A real Queen is careful with her words, she monitors what she says, she is mindful of the words she uses. Take this practice and use it with your own internal dialogue. Be attentive with the words you use. Speak to yourself with kindness and humility, absolutely no internal trash talk. A Queen inspires others with her positive words, make sure you are doing the same with yourself.

These 4 simple tools can really inspire you to embody the energy of a Queen. Dig deep and make these practices a daily habit. You will blossom by doing so, and when we change the internal world, so does the external.

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