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Full Moon April 16th

The moon transitions once more through its lunar calendar and we will see the full moon on April 16th, Easter weekend. This full moon falls in the astrological sign of libra, and this moon's names are the pink moon, flower moon, or paschal moon.

According to native American folklore it was named named the pink moon because of the springtime blooms of a pink wild flower named Phlox Subulata, according to old farmers almanac this was known as ‘pink moss’

There is such beauty in blossoming flowers this time of year, and it's a time to embody that energy. Think pretty and flowing, with fragrant fresh fragrances, this is the energy of now. Possibility is really upon us, and this is an opportunity for you to bloom.

This flower moon is in the sign of libra and libra is all about balance and harmony. The air sign of libra brings a harmonious tone. According to many astrologers as the sign of Libra is ruled by the romantic planet of Venus, this libra full moon is illuminating the focus on relationships.

I think this is the perfect opportunity to focus on the relationship with yourself. With the balanced synergy of libra there is no better time than now to reflect on your internal relationship with yourself. Drawing upon this energy will allow you to go within and be kind to yourself. This is a perfect opportunity to focus on how you are talking to yourself, how you are being kind to yourself, and how you are showing up for yourself daily. You are in a position to seek the answers to all these questions with a peaceful heart.

No relationship is more important than the one with yourself and this is the time to go inwards, reflect and release.

I have been reflecting a lot lately over the last couple of years. As a collective we have experienced so much, however during the midst of it so many people were tapping into their spiritual side. I saw so much awakening in so many of us. So many souls who had been caught in the humdrum of everyday life, were suddenly having an eye opening experience and realising they were more, life was more, and there was much more to discover. The soul's purpose was awakening, and a spiritual activation began to occur.

As we transition back into some sort of normality, returning to our jobs, socialising once more etc, life is becoming once again more 'everyday'. I encourage you this full moon to seek the ways you have let all the good habits slip you began during the lockdown. Review all the promises you made yourself, take inventory of how you are slipping back to the old ways. Rekindle the love with yourself you developed during the lockdown. Seek ways you can balance the scales of the relationship with self, and how you can take this love into your current everyday life, and keep the momentum of what you awakened going.

Water the seeds inside yourself this full moon, and allow your most important relationship to shine as brightly as the moon will be in the skies this April 16th

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