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Full Moon In Virgo, Guide & Meditation

What you can expect and how to make the most of this Virgo full moon

On March 7th we see a Virgo full moon in our skies. Old Farmers Almanac refer to this is also known as the worm moon, as ancient cultures named it so as the earth worms begin to appear as the soil is warming up for spring in the northern hemisphere.

This is a Virgo moon, and Virgo is an earth sign. Virgos are all about grounding, and connecting to mother earth. As spring is arriving and the planet rebirthing once more, the Virgo element feels perfectly aligned.

Virgos live in an organised and tidy fashion, and this energy is very present right now. Its an invitation for us to embrace this energy, detox and declutter. We can do this in both our mind, body and physical surroundings.

Full moons are a time to release, the light illuminates what needs to be released. The releasing energy a full moon is perfectly aligned to the minimalist nature of Virgo. Its time to throw out all you no longer need. Marie Kondo your world during this time.

Full Moon Affirmation

I am grounded and supported, I release obstacles, I create order. The path ahead is now clear.

Full Moon Meditation

Enjoy this meditation I have created for you. An opportunity to allow your subconscious to bring forward its release, and to empower yourself with positive affirmations as I guide you on a journey.

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