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Full Moon March 2022

The full moon in March 2022 falls on the 18th, 2 days before the spring equinox, and the last full moon of winter.

This full moon is known as the worm moon, so called as the earthworms begin to appear as the soil warms.

This moon signifies the transition from winter to spring, and as the seasons change so should we. When we work with the elements we flow with a much more natural rhythm, life becomes a lot more smoother and easier. I will talk more about this in my upcoming blog as we approach the equinox (subscribe to keep updated). I will share practices we can do to enhance the transition from winter to spring, and emerge like the butterflies we are.

Back to this full moon which falls in the moon calendar of Virgo. As a fellow Virgo, and one with very typical Virgo traits, I thought I would share some of the Virgo type behaviors we can incorporate into this full moon, and use to our advantage.

Full moons are typically a time for letting go. It's a time to look at your desires, and to see what is holding you back, what can you release in order to make room for the good to flow through. We are preparing to manifest new things as the moon continues on its lunar cycle journeying through the moon phases, before becoming the new moon once more.

Virgo is an earth sign, and as a Virgo I feel very connected to the elements. This full moon will be at its most powerful on the 18th March 2022, but will be still very powerful the days either side, and even 2 or 3 days after. I encourage you if you can to get outside, connect to the earth and gaze up at the moon. Moon bathing whilst grounding to the earth is strong practice. This can reduce stress and anxiety, in Ayurveda it is believed to help with women's menstrual cycles. The coolness of the moon is thought to reduce heat in the body and have a calming effect, and as a woman in her late 40’s experiencing menopause that is a welcome relief.

There is something so dreamy I find in gazing at the moon, practicing this whilst earthing leaves me feeling a part of something so much more than just me.

Virgos are also notoriously tidy and orderly. We love nothing more than a good old clear out. Getting rid of anything we have not used for a while. We have zero time for stuff taking up room that's of no purpose. This Virgo energy is perfectly in alignment with a full moon. So I really encourage you to tap into this. What can you let go of emotionally and physically. Quite often having a good tidy up at home can leave us feeling brand new.

Bringing organised order to your life overall will empower you to take charge and prepare for the rebirth of spring.

Virgos can be very health conscious and fastidious about what we eat. As we approach the spring it's a great time to detox the heaviness of the winter. Again so in keeping with the full moon theme of releasing. Get those fruits and veggies in, lots of fibrous, high vibrational foods. Cleanse your system.

Virgos symbol is the virgin, and the glyph is said to depict the sexual organs, with the tail wrapping inwards closing itself from the world. Virgos can often be quite hermit like, we can enjoy seeking solace from the world now and then. This energy can be rewarding on a full moon, especially as the energy intensifies. Spending time alone, concentrating on yourself is a great practice over the full moon period.

Virgos ultimately like to be thorough, we thrive on getting things done. Use your all to get everything in order, and take advantage of this wonderful Virgo energy. I feel super excited about this worm moon. Spring is a wonderful time of year, it's such an opportunity to shed old ways and patterns.

This March full moon 2022 feels divinely timed this year, with a much needed opportunity for releasing, tidying our lives up, and getting ourselves in order. Massive shifts are occurring right now, we have all been through so much. Let's be reborn happier and brighter, than ever before.

I hope the Virgo full moon will shine visibly in the night sky for us all to see, and I wish each and every one of you a very happy full moon, march 18th 2022

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