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How To Celebrate The Spring Equinox

Spring officially starts on the 20th March, and the first day of spring equinox is upon us, I for one cannot wait, I love spring.

As I write this my window is wide open, the sun is beaming down on me, & I can feel the spring air gently flow through. Its such a magical time of year, and I want to share some ways on how you can celebrate the spring equinox.

This is a time symbolizing rebirth and new beginnings. By acknowledging the elements and flowing with the natural rhythm of life we are allowing ourselves to upgrade and change, and begin a fresh start. As nature changes and grows so should we. This is an invitation for us to go within, look deeply inside and see what wants to be born. This is a time to recognize how we can grow, and to bring more light to the surface. It is an invitation to clear out the old, and make way for the new.

My own experience of following the natural cycles in this way has led me to step into my true calling, to help others, to share my spiritual path and knowledge. By listening within I have been guided to write and teach what is in alignment with my souls purpose, and live from an authentic space. There is so much value for you by following natures cycle, and by doing so you can really awaken to your true self.

This is what I will be doing this year to honor this auspicious day and it is my wish it will give you some celebration ideas too.

What Is The Spring Equinox

In the Northern Hemisphere as the sun sits directly opposite the equator, before crossing over, we mark the first day of spring, the spring equinox or the vernal equinox as it is otherwise know. As we in the Northern Hemisphere welcome in spring the Southern Hemisphere welcomes in Autumn.

This is the first day of the astrological spring. The meteorological spring began on the 1st March.

On this day we see night and day in equal parts, a perfect balance of light and dark. This is an ideal time to honor the light and dark, and to honor it within ourselves. Its important we remember that without the dark there can be no light.

1 Spring Clean

In my opinion a spring clean is one of the most important things you can do this time of year. When we are cleaning and de-cluttering, not only are we doing this in the psychical sense, it also brings about a shift within. Whilst changing the energy within our homes, we are making space on an emotional level too and cleansing our souls. We have been hibernating within over the winter months, so its now time to fling those windows wide open and get cleaning.

If your someone who holds onto things, its time to ask why? what is the emotional attachment to that? Could this be preventing you from moving forward. Our attachment to items can have an emotional response within and can leave us living in the past. Take some time to recognize this and let go of whatever you need.

A good thing to do is donate stuff to charity. Not only are you helping yourself but you are helping others too.

Equally so take a look at your surroundings, does your home need brightening up, is the positioning of your furniture feeling oppressive. Does a painting or an ornament trigger something within. Take this time to register how your surroundings are affecting you. Do some Feng Shui research and harmonize your home in a positive way.

2 Awaken Early

As the light begins to emerge earlier with each day, its important we align our body clock to the brighter mornings. Start as you mean to go on and awaken early on this day.

Honor the dark as it fades, and welcome in the birthing of the sun, and the dawning of a new day.

It is believed watching the sun rise can connect us deeply to earth and the elements and enforce a sense of gratitude within.

3 Get Out In Nature

This is a superb time to be outside, and absorb the natural energy. Walk barefoot on the grass, touch the trees, listen to the birds chirping, connect to nature and breathe in some fresh air.

Being out in nature lifts our mood, and leaves us feeling energized, plus we get a welcome shot of vitamin D from the suns rays as it begins to warm up for the upcoming summer months.

This is a great time for planting seeds. I will be re- potting some plants on this day. The energy of this day will be absorbed by your plants, and their new life will begin. Get out in the garden, attend to a window box, and give your house plants some love.

4 Light A Candle

Wiccan's have long been lighting candles on special occasions, and on this day which in the Pagan calendar is known as Ostara, I will be lighting a candle also.

Lighting a candle can be a great way to set intentions and put out manifestations to the universe. A Witchy spell you can do on this day is to inscribe your manifestation into the wax of a candle before lighting it. As you light the candle, say your manifestations out loud, then say a prayer. Spend a few minutes gazing into the flame visualizing your dream coming true.

5 Spend Time With Loved Ones

This is the perfect day to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones. Get together, celebrate, eat spring foods, decorate the table with spring flowers. Keep kids busy painting eggs, the symbol of rebirth, good luck & fortune. Play music, sing and dance.

Whatever you do today, celebrate with joy and love, and embrace this magical time.

For more information on utilizing this time check out my blog on 'Spring Detox Ideas' This is a great time of year to incorporate a detox into your life, and to become lighter on all levels.

Also be sure to download my free eBook guide to detoxing this spring. Filled with detox recipes, breathwork exercises to aid detox and much more.

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