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How To Find Inspiration

We all know those times when we are trying to get inspired, looking for an idea, yet as hard as we try nothing seems to come through. In fact the more we try, the worse the frantic mind gets. Its fair to say we have all found ourselves in these moments. It doesn't matter how

hard we try, the inspiration just wont come through.

You spend hours trying to push inspired thoughts to the surface, or just waiting for that 'aha' moment to pop through. You wait and you wait, the more you push, the more nothing happens. Then you spiral, and the blockage just increase.

But what if you could alleviate this, what if you could stop the frantic thinking and allow inspiration to just flow through. Well you can, and I will explain how.

Its A Constant Stream

We as humans appear to be born with a monkey mind, constantly over thinking. We over analyse situations, we compare ourselves, we criticize ourselves, its a never ending cycle. Thoughts constantly stream through the mind at a rapid rate, and the thought pattern becomes a habit. So what do we do? we of course have to break this habit.

Step In Pattern Interrupt

Pattern Interrupt is literally just us interrupting the the stream of thoughts. By consciously using certain methods we are able to break the cycle of thought.

A simple technique to stop this is to breathe consciously. Square breathing, a commonly used breathing technique is when you breathe in a cycle, to the count of 4. So, breathe in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4, hold for 4, and so on. By doing this, redirecting your consciousness you simply interrupt the thoughts. You put them on hold, and very simply you stop the mind racing.

Try It

Think of something that has been on your mind lately, bring it into your mind, then practice the breath cycle for a few rounds. Notice how easily you are able to break the cycle of thought. In just a few short breaths you can refocus your mind very simply.

Going Deeper

Moving more deeply into this, try a meditation. Sit in stillness for 5, 10, 15 minutes. Focus on your breathing, put all your attention onto your breathing. Or simply repeat a mantra. This is a great tool to use for refocusing the mind. The universal chant of 'OM' is a very simple easy to use mantra. Just repeat it silently over and over as you sit. As the mind wanders back to chatter, simply return again and again to the mantra.

The Beautiful Part

Now this is the really cool part, and this is how we once again get inspired. When you begin to practice this regularly, when you make it a habit to slow the mind down, and interrupt the thought pattern, you free up space for all the good stuff to come through. The power of pattern interrupt is quite incredible.

Our minds are vast spaces with lots of thoughts, and we quite often fill it with negative, repeated, unwanted thoughts. So when we slow down, and stop the chatter, we allow all kinds of magic to filter through.

Inspiration can be free flowing to us all, but we have to allow it to come through, we have to make room. If we want to loose weight we diet, we cut down, and eliminate foods. The mind and inspiration is no different. Cut out the parts that don't matter and allow what does matter to come through.

To find the needle in the haystack the hay needs to be pushed out the way. Give your mind the same grace, and allow yourself to be filled with inspiration.

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