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Learning to Embrace The Darkness

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

The Opposing Forces

This life is a constant of polarity. We are a universe of opposites. The sun opposes the moon, without light there is no dark. The seasons are opposite, summer and winter, spring and fall. The synergy and natural rhythm of life flows in beautiful harmony. One is not fearful of the other as nature knows it's a constant stream. The law of the land realizes that we will always be moving, going from one place to the next. Stagnation is an impossibility.

The Human Way

In our human form we have all experienced darkness at some point, some more than others. We have periods when the darkness can be overwhelming and feel like it will last forever, and for some these periods can be long.

In the moments of extreme darkness imagining living in the light can feel like an impossibility, and that we will never be in the light again. The darkness can engulf you and leave you feeling like the light will never be switched on again.

Its Dark And That's OK

But what if we could change our vision of the darkness, what if we can be more accepting of these moments? What if we could accept that we need darkness in order to have light? If we can begin to understand that they both will always exist, can we breathe a little easier, and not be so afraid of the dark.

In my experience whenever something happens that is not of joy, a challenging moment we generally come back stronger. We grow from the incident. We emerge from the period lighter and quite often better. If we begin to consciously acknowledge these periods the darkness will not seem quite as scary or dark anymore.

We live in a world where we are increasingly under pressure to be constantly happy and positive at all times,

people are beginning to panic if they are not positive all the time, and this is quite unrealistic. The pressure of this is majorly overwhelming, and can become too much. It's time for us to change our ways, and be more accepting of times when we are not feeling on top from. It's time to acknowledge that its OK to retreat, cry and feel sad.

When we become more accepting of these moments there is forgiveness within. We give ourselves such a hard time for feeling dark, and we shouldn't. Like the creation around us both will always co exist. If we can remember this then we don't need to fear the dark so much. Darkness becomes a place to retreat and an opportunity for growth. In this period we are given the chance to emerge once more lighter and brighter than ever before.

It is within these shifts from light to dark we grow, in permanent light we wouldn't expand as there would be no need. It's from the dark that we grow. So start to see the dark as a friend that calls every now and then, a friend that you don't want to be around too much, but a friend you benefit from seeing occasionally.

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