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How To Meditate At Home

Other Aspects

Meditation really is on the rise, and I couldn't be happier about this. As a teacher of meditation, and of course always a student, we are always learning, and I am so happy more and more people are trying it.

People are really beginning to wake up to the numerous benefits of meditation. Understanding that it can help you on so many levels, and realizing the positive impact it can have on your daily life, is increasing in popularity more than ever.

However whilst all this is amazing, it's important that we look at other aspects to really enhance your practice.

So let's discuss where to sit in your home.

Where Exactly

OK, so I think two things are really crucial for a good meditation practice, regardless of where you are.

  1. Comfort (forget sitting like a Buddhist monk, it's all about sitting comfortably these days)

  2. Find somewhere you won't be disturbed (interruptions can upset the flow of your practice)

So when you are thinking about your house, considering these two factors, where would be best for you?

For me I tend to do my meditation either in bed, or on my sofa. In bed I'm able to support my back on the headboard, and I then prop myself up with cushions. Or on my sofa, again my back is supported and I use cushions for props. Both places I can sit cross legged, or have my legs out in front, that really depends on how I'm feeling on the day.

Now, these are two places I won't be disturbed. If that's not for you then you might want to consider somewhere else.

If your house is busy you might want to consider the bathroom floor. Meditating with the door locked, knowing you wont be disturbed. Most people tend to have some type of tiled floor in a bathroom, so you'll need to bring the comfort. For this I would suggest a meditation pillow. You can buy a specific meditation pillow, or just use a comfy cushion off your couch.

You might have an office space that's ideal, getting comfy on the floor with cushions is perfect if so.

Either way these are good choices if the quiet space you seek in your house doesn't come with the comfort of a bed or sofa.

Another option is to sit in your dining room, or kitchen and use a chair. A normal chair is a great place to meditate from and for many is the most comfortable.

Leave A Sign

Now this is a top tip in my opinion. Now you've found your space, and you've determined how to be comfy, let's consider interruptions.

If you're mindful throughout your practice that you might be disturbed, you won't be able to get fully in the zone. It doesn't matter how comfortable you are, It will be in the back of your mind.

A great way to overcome this is to leave a marker outside the door. You could hang a scarf on the door handle, or even make a sign ‘Do not Disturb’ like the ones you find in hotels.

This is great for adults and kids, it makes it real easy for all the family, house mates etc to know this is your time, and it's a no go area while the sign is visible.

By doing this you can sink into your practice feeling safe, knowing you won't be interrupted.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

So there is no one size fits all perfect room, it's really about you finding your perfect spot, and creating it to be your meditation space. It could be anywhere in your house, as long as it's comfortable, and it's undisturbed.

By following these guidelines all of us can find a space that gives us the solitude we require, regardless of how busy or small your house may be.

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