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Manic Manifesting

Have you heard of ‘manic manifesting’ this phrase was coined by the amazing Gabby Bernstein. I've long been a fan of hers, I love how she teaches and I adore her no BS attitude. Years ago I remember her talking about manic manifesting, and I have found myself in that very cycle lately, and of course catching ourselves in the act of doing something is the first step in the route back out, it's time to take control by losing control.

What is Manic Manifesting

Gabby says;

‘Manic manifesting happens when we try to control our manifestations. It’s very common, because we all get hung up on outcomes. We all want things to go a certain way’

It's very easy, and quite often habitual, for us to get caught up in our head. We get so consumed with the outcome of situations, and our vision of that outcome can become quite tunnelled. We begin to see only one way, one end result, and it has to be that, nothing else will do, and we will frantically do everything in our power to get there.

The minute we start to operate from this space, you will notice how your energy changes. What should be enjoyable is now feeling stressful. We lose sight of enjoying the process, and most importantly we are blocking the outcome and possibly even better opportunities being presented by the universe.

I found myself in this cycle the other day. Worrying about an outcome, pushing for it to be a certain way, and in the process blocking creativity. By frantically trying to make something happen, nothing was happening in response. I was finding myself unable to do anything, almost frozen in the fear of not being able to achieve what I was desiring.

Rule 101 of manifesting is to surrender and allow. It's when we surrender we open up and make space for miracles to occur. Joy along the way is also a crucial key to manifesting. Its so important to remember what goes out, is what will come back in.

In my moments of manic manifesting lately, the first thing I noticed was the lack of fun I was having. My fear based frenzy to make everything happen the way I think it should was leading me to feel stressed, tired, and burnt out. How can I possibly attract anything good from this place. I couldn't in case you are wondering!!!

When you are in manic mode, fear is the dominant driving force, and not only is that a very unpleasant place to be operating from, it's also miserable and counter productive.

What can you do?

As I said, calling it out and recognising the pattern is the first step. If you're trying to manifest something and it's just not happening, no matter how hard you try, then you are definitely in the manic zone.

Once you have called it out, slow down. I've been trying to move at a million miles, and that just doesn't work. Slowing down and taking a breath is powerful. It's time to support yourself, and be the light you need. Stop looking at what you desire, bring it back to the self, and how you want to feel.

Find your bliss, and bring in joy. Dig deep, and really notice how you've been frantic. Understanding this will allow you to see the uncomfortable energy you have adopted. When I did this the other day I was able to see clearly and literally say to myself ‘this is no fun whatsoever, I have to change this’. Stepping back and observing helps us to remove what we don't want, and allow what we do.

Map your day out from this space, and make the time for enjoyment. When you do this, you are fulfilled, you are happy, and guess what, that's what you attract.

Always work from a place of service. If you're looking to get something, it cannot arrive from lack, however when you are giving something it has to arrive. Ask yourself how I can give what I need. If you are hoping to find love, show love to others, if you want a new job, how are you offering yourself, what can you give a new position, rather than what it can give you.

Trust that it will work out. We all know deep down that worry will not help, so let go. Now I know that's easier said than done, so take it slowly. Say to yourself ‘for the next half hour I will not worry, I will surrender and trust’ , set an alarm, and keep the focus on surrender. Make this a habit, once you get in the zone of doing this it will become easier.

These small shifts can have epic results, and what's the worse that can happen if you try them. We have to be disciplined with our mind, it's that simple. Once we can look after ourselves in this way, once we take our foot off the gas good will come knocking on the door. But ultimately it's our call, and by taking the time to recognise our behaviours, see the patterns, and hopefully changing them our life will change too.

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