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Manifest the Life You Want

Are you manifesting the life you want? I would hazard a guess and say you are probably not. I expect if you've found your way to this blog, the chances are you would like to be manifesting more, or even manifesting anything! but somehow you just don't seem to be able to manifest your dreams. In fact the more you try, the further the possibility of manifesting the life you want seems to get further and further away.

What if I was to tell you, you have been doing it all wrong!

If you're like me, I am sure you have done the vision board, you have sent out prayers to the universe, written positive goals in your journal, visualised your dream that you wish to manifest, but nothing seems to work.

Everything you are doing the steps you are taking is leaving you feeling that the dream is never going to become a reality. From personal experience I have found this to be the point when I dive into a downward spiral, throw my toys out the pram and declare manifesting to be a whole bunch of BS

Of course it's not, I really believe manifesting is real, and it is something I have achieved on occasion. But what I now realise, and it's something I use during my coaching sessions, and with great success is it's not necessarily about the specifics, real power lies in how you want to feel.

All too often we humans think we know what's best for us, that we fully understand what we need. We love to say to ourselves ‘if I had that I would be happy’ or ‘I have to have that, that's what I want’. There's several problems with that, firstly you are saying to the universe you are in lack, and wanting will just be rewarded with more wanting. Secondly, often what we think we want has come from our societal perception, rather than what our soul or our calling is aligned to. Thirdly we get task focused when we do this and we miss opportunities and possibilities that are potentially far greater than we could ever imagine.

So as you can see, we quite often are working against what's best for us. What I have begun to do, and something I use in my signature coaching programme ‘The Collective Method’ is to really get focused on how you want to feel. Forget the aesthetics of the big house you want to live in, start to pay attention to how you want to feel when you are living in your dream home.

Let's use the house as an example. Rather than picture a 5 bedroom house, with a large back garden, a summer house in the garden that you convert to a gym etc. Start to hone in on how you will feel when you are living in this house. How do you feel when you are able to walk across your lawn to a nice gym, what does it feel like as you tend to your large back garden. Really feel into the feelings.

Key point

Now here is a key piece of advice, as you contemplate these things how does it align to your soul. When you consider your ideal home, is it really in alignment with your higher self, or are you just holding onto the dream of a gym in the garden because maybe your friends have that. Is it really what you want?

When we start to go deeply into our feelings we can really notice if this is in alignment with our true self. We can tap into the power of the universe and the path that is mapped out for us. How many times have you wanted to do something, and for whatever reason you haven't done that thing, and it's worked out a million times better for you. We so often move towards things that are not in alignment to our true self, and we are literally moving in the opposite direction of the way our energy is flowing. Imagine walking into wind blowing at 100 miles an hour, you wouldn't get far, and that is us trying to manifest something not in our true alignment.

Do it Differently

When you visualise your future from now on, think about how you want to feel. Pay attention to the feelings you want to cultivate into your life rather than the materialistic aspect. There is great power here. It's our energy that is the super attractor in manifesting. There is a reason why extremely rich entrepreneurs are so, it’s because they don't question whether something is viable or not, they instinctively know.

Try out different feelings. Pick out a whole bunch of them and meditate on each one for a few minutes. Start to trust your instincts on what feels right and what doesn't. The more you do this the easier it will become, and trust me you will be manifesting like a pro. Things will come to you far greater and far wilder than you could have ever imagined.

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