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Routine And Ritual

Let's talk about routines and rituals. I posted something last week on social media about routine, and I realised how many people struggle with routine.

I've always struggled with routine. On many occasions I have decided to start a new ‘routine’ only to give up after a day or two. For years I thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn't stick to a routine. Over the years I have wanted desperately to regularly follow a routine and make things a daily habit, and I just could not manage to do it. I would beat myself up because I could not commit to a new daily habit. It's fair to say it really bugged me.

Years down the line, older and somewhat wiser I realise I could care less about routine, and I am simply not built for it. Routine feels to me something that is task driven, it's like having a list of things to do, and the list feels long.