Saying Prayers Is For Everyone

Prayers are not just for religious people

It's only been in more recent years that I've discovered prayer and the power of it. For many years I associated prayer with being a religious act and having a specific God to pray to. I felt like an impostor praying to something I didn't necessarily believe in, it felt uncomfortable and weird quite frankly. I didn't understand that a prayer doesn't need to be said to a specific God in order to be heard.

Since embarking on a spiritual journey, beginning a daily practice of meditation and working with Reiki energy I have since come to realise this beautiful act is available to us all, and one we should be all doing. You see when we pray we are having a conversation with the universe, we are channeling into the universal frequency.

Finding time each day to sit quietly, connecting to your breath, feeling into the energy around you, then saying a quiet prayer can have profound effects not only on the situation or person you may be praying for but on yourself also.

Research has shown in both medical and psychological journals that prayer can have a positive effect on our overall well being. Prayer brings on feelings of love, compassion, gratitude and hope, these powerful emotions when drawn upon regularly begin to affect our inner world as well as the one it is rippling out to. Prayer has even been proven to help calm the nervous system, and reduce our reaction to anger and negativity.

When we pray we are connecting to deeper parts of ourselves, we are connecting to the universe, this can bring about feelings of purpose, community and being a part of something. We begin to feel involved and belonging.

The words we are using daily have an emotional response from within, when we are using loving kind words in a prayer our energetic body will become a match for those words, and this will ripple out into the world.

As a Reiki practitioner I am very aware of the energetic body and how we are all connected. I often ‘send’ Reiki to people in other towns and countries, as baffling as this may sound, they fully receive the Reiki energy just as if they were in the same room as myself. With intention we are powerful beings, far more powerful than we can ever imagine, and the power of prayer is very real.

In 1974 a phenomenon was discovered in a community. When 1% of the population meditated the crime rate reduced by 16%. Whilst the people meditating were practicing transcendental meditation (a specific style of meditation) the effect was defined by the influence of positivity and coherence rather than the specific meditation. This really highlights the positive impact we can have through prayer and meditation.

Each day now I sit in meditation, and at the end of meditation in some way I pray. Some days I will silently repeat words, whilst other days I breathe into love, and send out love with intention to whoever may need it. This ability is within us all.

The frequency of energy that we are giving out whilst in prayer is the power house, it is this that can transform this world. If 1% of the population can change 16% imagine what could happen if even 50% of us took up a daily prayer practice.

How To Pray In a Non Religious Manner

It's not something that has to take a great deal of time, we can perform this in just a few minutes a day, and it isn't something that has to be performed at the end of a meditation, this is what I choose to do.

It's also important to remember that you don't need to be praying to a specific or any God. Of course if that is your belief then by all means do, but if you're like myself I pray to a higher power, to the universal forces, the energy that surrounds us all. You can make it your own, there really is no wrong or right, I truly believe it's the intention behind it that carries your power.

I believe it is up to the individual to find their groove in prayer. You may find you like having your hands in prayer, or you may feel more comfortable placing your hands on your heart. You may like to just rest them gently on your lap. You don't have to be kneeling, sitting comfortably is just fine. If God isn't your thing, call upon the higher powers, or the universe and ask that your voice be heard, say your prayer, thank the universe for listening. The energy of these words will invoke the prayer. Connect to your heart space as you do, this will elevate your emotions.

Pray for whatever you feel called to do so, pray for others, pray for situations, pray for yourself and loved ones. It is limitless what you can pray for. By praying you are sending love and healing to anyone in need. You are opening up to the cosmic vibrations of the universe.

Join Me In Prayer

If you would like to experience the power of prayer through meditation, please join me in the video below.

I have compiled a meditation, for everyone sending love, & healing prayers to Ukraine.

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