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Self Love On Valentines Day

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

As Valentine's day approaches, we cannot help but be drawn to love. For many of us this can look very different.

For some of us love can be inviting and magical, whilst for others it can bring fear and dread. Each of us has our own experience of love, some good, some bad, and some a mixture of anywhere in between.

No matter where you sit on the subject of love, it is my belief that love is our true nature and our true essence. If we can return to that place, and become familiar with our loving home within we can all find some inner peace and harmony.

When we connect to the love within ourselves we transform from within. Life is led with far greater satisfaction, we develop a more positive outlook. We become more confident, and happier.

When we practice self love on a deeper level not only do we change the relationship with ourselves, we also change the relationships around us.

So many of us have endless amounts of time for others, and we can have a tendency to put ourselves at the bottom of the list. When really it should be the opposite way round. How can we give love to others fully if we are giving from an empty place.

4 Self Loving Practices

As Valentines approaches I urge you to move into the energy of love, of course we do not need valentines day to do this, but it serves as a good prompt to remind ourselves to do this.

There are many ways you can move into the space of self love, here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Self Reiki. Now to do this you do not need to be a reiki practitioner, or attuned to reiki. It's really about you self soothing the body, and connecting to the body with the power of touch. This guided self healing below teaches and takes you through a full body self healing. It can be done at any time of the day, but I particularly like to do it at night before I sleep from the comfort of my bed. This is a powerful practice, and one I highly recommend.

2. Sitting quietly, place your hands over your heart space, and breathe deeply into the space below your hands. This heart Chakra center is our space of unconditional love. Acknowledge the beauty of this space, fall deeply into the area as you breathe, focusing all the attention there. Remain here as long as you need.

3. Pay attention to what you are eating. Honoring the body with nourishing foods is a powerful practice in self love. When we become present with our food, and pay attention to what we are ingesting our relationship with the self deepens.

4. Allow time for a good night's sleep. Rest is how our body rejuvenates, so ensure you are giving yourself adequate time to sleep, make sure your bedroom is set up for a sound night's sleep. Remove any clutter, turn the TV and your phone off, honor this sacred rest time.

5. Date yourself. There is nothing more empowering than taking yourself off on a date. Becoming familiar and comfortable with your own company is such a kind act. Taking time to be alone really develops a relationship with the self. In our busy lives we can become quite detached from ourselves and what we really need. Sometimes dating yourself re-ignites the relationship within. Just like the relationship with others we have to work with the relationship with ourselves. Take yourself off somewhere nice over the weekend, take a nice walk, have coffee out, or even visit the movies, enjoy some you time.

Cultivating time for yourself, making yourself a priority is so important, make this valentines special, make it special by making it all about you.

If you would like to manifest love into your life, it is my belief that through self love, and aligning to this within, we can manifest miraculous and lasting love into our lives. Check out my eBook for my simple 14 step process to achieving this.

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