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Spring Detox

Spring is upon us once again in the northern hemisphere, and there is nothing better than a spring detox this time of year. With the spring equinox fast approaching, now is the time to get ready for natures new year.

Now before you run away at the thought of having to drink juice for the next 7 days, my idea of a spring detox is so much more than that, this is about cleansing as a whole. That's not to say a juice cleanse can be beneficial this time of year, but for me a spring detox is so much more, and I will be covering how in this blog.

A spring detox for me involves embracing the energy of nature, shedding layers and rejuvenating ourselves on many levels.

Spring is a time of rebirth in nature. We have been hibernating during the winter months. The dark cold days of winter have invited us to retreat, and to eat warming, heartier foods. Now as the days are becoming lighter and longer, flowers are starting to blossom, growth is occurring in nature and its important we follow this path too.

Why? well when we follow the natural rhythm of life our bodies respond in a more harmonious way. We can prevent illness and in-balance by following the seasons accordingly. Supporting the body in this way is tremendously beneficial for your overall health. As spring approaches we want to release the heaviness we have been carrying through winter. Any excess weight we have gained over the winter months, now is the perfect time to diet and introduce lighter, healthier foods.

This is the time to release toxins and begin a detoxification, awakening the digestive system. We want to get the body moving once more after the cold winter months. We are awakening ourselves like the spring flowers in a very harmonious manner to the elements.

Its also a time to clear out the old in our homes, open the windows, clean and release the old energy.

I like to tackle this spring cleanse from a holistic perspective. To me its such a magical time of year, and when we are cleansing from a space of wholeness we rebirth in beautiful ways.

When we make subtle shifts in all areas of our lives, we internally become more healthier and lighter.

Lets look at the various ways we can incorporate a detox into our lives right now.


As I said earlier we have probably gained a pound or two over the winter months, and our systems can feel a little sluggish as spring approaches. In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this is the time of year to cleanse our liver and gallbladder. In TCM this is 'wood' season and the colour associated is green.

A great way to start your day is with a hot water and lemon. Squeeze the juice of a whole lemon into a cup and add hot water. Its really important however you don't pour boiling water onto the lemon juice as this will destroy the nutrients in the juice. The enzymes in lemon can help rebuild your liver tissue promoting a natural detox, and of course this is packed with vitamin C.

Get green, start packing your diet with cruciferous vegetables. Green juices and green smoothies are beneficial this time of year, download my free eBook for detoxing recipes.

Think kale, spinach, asparagus, parsley, wheat grass, celery. Add all these green foods to you meals as much as possible.

Increase your intake of sour citrus fruits, lemons, limes and grapefruits. All these fruits support the liver and cutting the fat that may have built up over the winter months.

Drink plenty of filtered water, water is a powerful way to detox the body. Add some organic lemon or lime slices and cucumber to your water to boost its benefits.

Incorporate whole foods, and ditch the sugar. Eat high fiber foods and eliminate the toxins.


After the winter months of keeping warm inside its time to get the body moving. Start taking a daily walk in nature, begin the day with some simple stretching. Begin to release the muscles, start to open them up.

Yoga is a great practice for this time of year, as it promotes a powerful mind body connection, and you can begin to listen to the body.

Put on your favourite music and dance. Dance like no one is watching, allow the body to follow the rhythm of the music, the shake the body. Be careful of the head and neck, shake the arms, legs and torso. This is one of the most powerful ways to release any stagnant energy within. You will be amazed how good you feel after doing this.


Begin each day with some breath work. Deep breathing into the belly and expanding the diaphragm and the lungs opens up the body and allows fresh oxygen and Prana to flow through the body.

Breathing in this way supports the detoxification within the body, we are eliminating toxins in doing so, and alkalizing the body.

Your Surroundings

We are all familiar with the term spring clean, and its no coincidence we clean this time of year.

Open the windows in your home, change up the flow of air coming through.

Give your home a deeper clean than normal. Get behind your draws and cupboards, hoover out the dust. Clean the windows, wash your curtains and cushion covers. Clean the extra parts you don't do normally.

Your are bringing in the energy of fresh and new by doing this, it is so elevating.

Pack some of your winter clothes away, and free up some space in your wardrobe.

De-clutter your home, give things away, help charities and others by donating stuff you no longer need.

Extend this practice to your workplace, your car, your handbag and so on.

Lighter All Round

If you implement these practices this spring you will feel lighter on so many levels. Taking a holistic approach is always going to be a winning combination.

Free up your body and mind as we embark upon this magical journey that is spring.

For more information and recipes download my free eBook today. Featuring recipes, detoxing breathwork exercises, tips, plus an awesome offer not to be missed.

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