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Strawberry Full Moon

Anyone who knows me, will know that I am obsessed with the moon. I absolutely adore the cycles of the moon, and working with the energy the moon offers.

When we align to the natural rhythm of life we can live and work in a much more harmonious fashion. Paying attention to to the different cycles and moon phases, and how it effects us can have tremendous effects on our wellbeing.

You will begin to understand that the days you have little energy, or you are feeling more sensitive than usual can quite often be an effect of the moon and where its at in its cycle.

When we can tap into these energies, and allow them to flow through us we can mover through life with a lot more ease. We begin to work in alignment with the universe rather than battling against it.

The Strawberry Moon

On the 14th June we will see our night sky lit up by a super moon. According to old fathers almanac, the native American name for this moon is the strawberry moon, as the fruits are ripening ready to be picked from the earth.

As the moon rises above us in the night sky, I invite you to sit in meditation with myself. Drawing upon the good feelings of what we wish to bring into form, and releasing all that is holding us back.

Full moons are time for release, they are times for us to contemplate and let go. This full moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, curious and adaptable individuals, we will harness the Sagittarian energy.

Join me now in meditation as we release all under this June strawberry super moon 2022

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