Strawberry Rose Lemonade

I am rose obsessed, I love everything rose. Its my favourite scent, and there is nothing more beautiful than a perfectly formed rose. I quite recently discovered rose lemonade in my local organic shop. Made by a well known brand, it tastes delicious, however not only is it expensive, its loaded with sugar, and sugar is so bad for our skin and our overall wellbeing. Being someone who cares about the ageing process and looking at feeling my best, shop bought fizzy drinks are a big no no for me.

So I decided to make my own, and this strawberry rose lemonade couldn't be easier. Plus this is way more hydrating and healthy, with the added addition of fresh strawberries and fresh lemon juice. This healthy strawberry rose lemonade is so good for you, making it ok to sip it all day long in the hot summer days of August.

This refreshing drink is also perfect to serve as a non alcoholic cocktail at a party or BBQ on a summers evening. Serve over ice, decorate, and your non drinking friends will be made to feel very special. Alternatively this will be a hit at a kids party, and would look so pretty next to a birthday cake.

This recipe contains no sugar, I sweeten it using Xylitol ( ) This natural sweetener is a must have in my kitchen, low GI and all natural. Strawberries and lemons add vitamins C, plus strawberries are full of antioxidants. Rose water is linked with many benefits too, such as soothing digestive issues, mood enhancing, and has even been known to ease sore throats. This strawberry rose lemonade recipe is certainly a real winner.

All you nee to make this strawberry rose lemonade is a blender (my recommended choice is ). Or alternatively use a hand blender, I recommend ( ) . A jug or pitcher, and a sieve to run the juice through once blended.

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Don't forget to let me know if you make this lemonade, I love to hear your comments. Or tag me @livingjivawell on Instagram, show me your summer pictures sipping this strawberry rose lemonade. Enjoy!

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