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Managing Your Energy

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Feeling The Drain

We all know the feeling, we walk into a room with several people present, and as soon as we enter we know something is wrong. We can sense that something in this space is a little off keel. We don't know what has happened, but we just know something has happened. What you are experiencing is a heaviness in the energy.

It could be that the people in the room have had an argument, or received some bad news. This immediately pulls the mood down, and a heaviness can occur. It may be that someone doesn't like a person in that room, and they are omitting an energy of hate, anger and so on.

This is happening around us all the time, we are constantly in buildings, on public transport, in shops surrounded by people giving off these vibes. Just being outside in the chaos of the world can be really tough for many of us. Of course the vibes aren't always negative. We can walk into a room of positivity and immediately feel lifted, but when that happens we don't need to worry. It's when the opposite happens its cause for concern.

You see we are like sponges. The human form is always picking up energy from others. We all have friends who moan all the time, and you just know being in their company is exhausting. Equally so we have friends who are a ray of sunshine and we crave their company as they make us feel so elevated.

Naturally as humans we want to feel as good as we possibly can. No one wants to feel drained, fed up and sad unnecessarily. So what can we do, how can we eliminate energy vampires!

Mind Your Company

Well the first obvious thing is to mind the company you keep. Be mindful of those that make you feel bad, start to notice how the company of certain individuals makes you feel. Restrict the time you spend with those individuals. Sometimes the people are unavoidable but set boundaries around how much time you spend with them. Take your power back within your relationship with these people.

If you work with people that drain you and it's unavoidable to not spend time with them, get some protective crystals for your desk, or to wear on your person. A living plant in your workspace is great, you can ground yourself and connect with mother nature simply with a plant.

Breathe It Out And Shake It Off

You know when someone says something that you don't like, and you immediately let out a big sigh, you huff out a breath. Well there is a reason why we do this. It's the body's automatic reaction, we want to blow the energy off.

So take time throughout your day to breathe, and really pay attention to the out breath. Breathe in through the nose, and release a long sigh out through the mouth. Feel the energy leave your body as you do this. Feel the energy of what's happened, leave your body, release it out.

Shake it off. A good shake can be transforming for the body. Shaking is not only an incredible exercise to help release muscle tension, relax the body, and help the nervous system. It also helps us to shift energy and by shaking you can shift what's happening energetically within.

Wrap Yourself In Protection

Before you step out into the world in the morning, or into a situation you may find draining, get in the habit of wrapping yourself in protection. In a quiet spot close your eyes, take some deep breaths, as you breathe out imagine your breath surrounding you like a shield. See the breath illuminate like a white bubble protecting you. Spend a few moments really enforcing this bubble in your mind's eye. Feel yourself sitting in the protection of this, imagine yourself in a bubble of protection.

For added protection I like to visualize myself stepping into a bubble, and then I zip myself up in the bubble. This can either be done in my mind's eye or I use my physical body to seal this bubble.

These are great exercises that can be done from anywhere, on a busy train, in a cafe, at a relatives house. Obviously in public you might not want to act out physically zipping yourself up! But we can certainly reenact it in our heads.

Just a few simple steps can really transform how you feel on a daily basis. It can give you your power back over exhausting friends and family members. Through doing this regularly you keep your vibe high, and extinguish all that is not.

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