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Yoni Mudra Benefits

In honour of International Woman's Day 2022, I am sharing the Yoni Mudra Benefits. The Yoni mudra is a very easy mudra to practice and one that carries beautiful benefits.

The Yoni mudra symbolises the female womb. It connects us deeply to our seat of creation, our reproductive system. We connect to the Goddess Shakti and the female energy within, that is present with in all of us, however you identify.

What is a Mudra?

A mudra put simply is a symbolic gesture using our hands (mostly). They are used during meditation and yoga to channel prana, life force energy. It is believed that these sacred symbols have a direct link to the mind and clear energetic pathways.

They are a wonderful tool to use during a meditation, and in my experience can have amazing effects. The Yoni Mudra is no exception, I find it a deeply calming and nurturing and it leaves me feeling empowered. I highly recommend doing this.


Some of the benefits of this simple and beautiful practice are:

~ For women this mudra can regulate hormone levels, and increase fertility, optimizing the reproductive system

~ It can deeply connect you to mother earth, leaving you feeling grounded, supported and connected to the elements.

~ It increases your internal strength and power, like the Goddess Shakti, we increase our prana flow.

~ It helps reduce stress and anxiety, and will aid sleep when practiced before bed.

~ It helps to balance the 5 elements (water, air, earth, fire & ether) as it incorporates all 5 fingers.

How to practice Yoni Mudra

Sitting comfortably, with your back straight, legs either crossed or feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes and begin taking some deep breaths.

Bring your index fingers together to make an 'A' shape, then join your thumbs together to make a 'V' shape. You will now have a diamond/ womb shape with these 4 fingers.

Allow the middle, ring and pinky finger to rest together, and to be seen visibly through the womb shape you have created.

Rotate the hands so that the index fingers are pointing downwards, and bring the mudra to rest on your womb area, or the lower belly.

Breathe into this position, allow your attention to gently rest in this area. Sit for as long as you feel comfortable, I recommend 5 - 10 minutes.

When you are ready gently release the hands, and come out of the meditation.

Wishing all the Women that read this article a very Happy Women's Day, may we all celebrate our female energy within.

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