What is Reiki

Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the Gods

~ Mikao Usui ~

In 1922 Mikao Usui a Japanese Buddhist and scholar found himself in turmoil. He took the decision to retreat to Mount Kurama. After 21 days of fasting he saw a ‘great Reiki’ over his head, he saw the light and experienced a great knowing of oneness. On his journey home he injured his foot. Instinctively placing his hand on his foot, to his surprise he felt relief. After exploring this phenomenon with himself and others he realised his spiritual awakening and connection to oneness, had come with physical healing.

Today Reiki is taught with a lineage that is traced back to the roots of Mikao Usui. It is and continues to be sacred teachings passed down through generations.

Broken down Reiki means ‘Rei’ the source, the oneness, the highest wisdom. ‘Ki’ means life force energy, In Chinese this is known as ‘chi’ in Hindu ‘Prana’. Together the dynamic energies align and a powerful force is channelled, it is the space of oneness. Within this oneness healing and unity can occur, it is a place for the body to surrender, to release, and to give in to everything it has held on to.

Reiki is carried out as traditionally taught, by placing the hands on or above the body, or by distance healing. As a practitioner I tune into to the Reiki energy and act as a conduit, allowing Reiki to flow through me and into the client. Ki channels within the body open up, more Ki is invited into the body, this is the place where you can allow your body to heal. There are numerous benefits from receiving Reiki such as reduced stress and anxiety, promotes healing, your chakras will become balanced, enhanced sleep and your energy restored.

During a Reiki session, I focus on working thorough your chakras, aligning your energy centre throughout your body, bringing you more into balance, I then allow Reiki to intuitively guide me to where Reiki needs to be sent.